Lisa Morfett

Contact Details

Territory: Invercargill

Home Phone: 032168705

Mobile Phone: 0273220869


About Lisa

I am Lisa 👋 I love to help, it's been my nature forever. Since having my first babe in 2011 and still remembering the overwhleming, hard and so incredibly wonderful adjustment to motherhood I became a peer supporter to listen to and support other mums ❤ Now a Mum to 3 and still learning everyday, I have the privilege of coordinating the wonderful bunch of peer supporters we have here, and also meeting and helping with mums and babes. These things are really hard to write so I asked my kids for a word each and I am lovely, amazing and yummy (haha from the kid who hasn't breastfed for over a year!) Feel free to get in touch to talk babes and feeding. 

Peer Supporters are not medical professionals, but are volunteers trained to provide information and support through common challenges to the normal course of breastfeeding.