Catkin Bartlett

Contact Details

Territory: Queenstown

Home Phone: 0800 560 650

Mobile Phone:


About Catkin

Babies are born to breastfeed and what else are boobs for? But it is not always as simple as that. Having had a baby that showed no interest in breastfeeding and then the oh so many challenges that ensued started Catkin on her journey of supporting other mothers and families.

Every mother and every baby is different and she appreciates that mothers deep down know what is best for them, their baby and their family and can decide on their own priorities.

Catkin feels fortunate to be in a position to provide support and information to mothers and also to train the wonderful volunteer breastfeeding peer supporters from which she continues to learn so much.

Catkin has four children and is based in Queenstown as both a peer supporter and the peer support programme coordinator. 

Peer Supporters are not medical professionals, but are volunteers trained to provide information and support through common challenges to the normal course of breastfeeding.