Victoria Jameson

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Territory: Dunedin

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Mobile Phone: 0211328857


Victoria Jameson - Breastfeeding Peer Supporter

About Victoria

Victoria lives in Dunedin with her husband and twin toddlers. She has experiences the challenges of learning to breastfeed to very different newborns at the same time. Victoria appreciates how hard things can be when you have two babies and, even when things are going well, how little sleep you get. Although she struggled for the first six months, she made it to a year and is still breastfeeding. She would like to support other mothers with multiples to reach their breastfeeding goals. Victoria has experience feeding twins separately and together, coping with having babies in NICU, pumping to establish her milk supply and dealing with tongue ties that were diagnosed late. Victoria is very happy to receive emails or text messages but, as she works full time at the University, she may not be able to answer or reply until the evening.

Peer Supporters are not medical professionals, but are volunteers trained to provide information and support through common challenges to the normal course of breastfeeding.